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Differential fluid change at 18,000 miles?

I brought my 2010 Jeep Liberty in for a scheduled oil change at 22,000 miles. The service advisor told me that I needed my differential fluid changed and actually I was 4000 miles over and that it needed changing every 18,000 miles. I checked my maintenance schedule that came with my car and it said the lubricant should last the life of the vehicle as long as I wasn’t a police car, fleet vehicle, taxi, towing things or off roading. I am a 53 year old grandmother of 6. When I pointed out that my owner’s manual said differently they said it was recommended because we live in a “harsh climate”. I live in Whitefield, NH. Are they just upselling service or am I to really change my differential fluids every 18,000 miles to the tune of $260.00 each time.

Up-sale. No question. Maybe you should look to a different shop. $260.00? Tries to talk you out of believing the owner’s manual? This guy’s a crook.

I also have ‘life-time’ fluid in my differential. I did replace it though. 206,000 miles, 11 years, and a sign of the rear cover starting to seep. The fluid was 75W-140 fully synthetic w/ an LSD additive. Parts were $69.00 for 3 quarts, LSD additive and rear cover gasket. Time was less than 1 hour, including time to clean the diff cover and magnet. Any shop can do it for less than 1 hour labor. Anymore is a rip-off.

I vote that this is an upsell. You don’t tow, and your climate isn’t severe as far as differential fluid is concerned.

I won’t trust the “lifetime” recommendation either. I’d change it in 5 years or 100K miles whichever comes first.

Just another reason to find a good independent shop for routine maintenance. This is an Upsell with a capital U!

Harsh climate has an affect on certain fluids but differential oil is nowhere near the top of the list.

It’s not a bad idea to change diff. oil at 100k miles or possibly 50k miles in cases where the diff. is a posi-traction unit. Recommending this at 18k miles is ridiculous.

For 260 bucks they’re certainly proud of that easy to do job.

Take the $260 and get a blu ray player and some blu rays!