Expensive fuel hose?

I bought some fuel hose the other day, very expensive, like $6 per foot. R9 spec. Doesn’t seem like fuel hose used to cost nearly as much. R9 apparently is geared to fuel injected engines requiring high fuel pressure. Is the R9 spec necessary for a carb’d engine from the early 70’s? If not, what, R6? Or is R9 just better enough compared to the prior stuff, presumably R6, so best path is to just pay up and enjoy more robust fuel hose, carb or fuel injection?

Per foot.



I happened to notice yesterday a blister pack of Briggs hose for about $9. Couldn’t have been more than a couple feet last time I bought it. Rubber and plastics go with the price of oil though. See above.

The 6 dollar per foot price for FI hose is not that bad. I was paying that much 7 or 8 years ago.

You don’t need that kind of hose for a carbureted situation but it also doesn’t hurt.

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Good info in that link Tester, thanks!