Expected Repairs for 2000 Camry with 84k miles (4 cyl)

I have the opportunity to buy a used 2000 Camry with 84k miles. It is the 4 cyl, LE model and I am wondering what kinds of repairs I might expect to have to make? Or is there anything in particular I should look out for with this car at this mileage? Thanks!

It all depends on the previous owners driving style and maintenance habits. Take it to a trusted mechanic if you decide to purchase for an evaluation.

At eight years you can expect things to go wrong so keep in mind for your budgeting. Anything over 7yrs/150,000 IMHO will require repairs/maintenance relatively frequently and sometimes more major($1000+).

Timing belt and water pump should have been replaced around 70k miles. Local mechanic would cost you $400-$500. This should be if you plan to keep the car.
Have a trusted mechanic check the suspension components. They can get costly if replacements are required.

Unless you have a complete maintenance history of this car, I would expect to be doing at least the following in the first year of ownership:

  1. Change timing belt (if it has one) and water pump.
  2. Change brake fluid
  3. Change transmission fluid and filter
  4. Change drive belt(s)
  5. Change oil & filter

Also expect to have to possibly replace the battery and perhaps the alternator in the first year. You also might need a brake job.

Please don’t think of me being a pessimist, but, as others point out, it is an 8 year old car, and all cars need maintenance and routine repairs.

For this generation of Camry (speaking from experience), don’t be surprised if the strut mounts are going. Alignments tend to be a fairly frequent issue I see as well. All in all a good car, though…

FWIW, for around $800 around here, you can get new strut assemblies installed and an alignment done all with lifetime warranties…

That doesn’t mean that the car will need it, but just be ready for it…

Ask to see the maintenance receipts. It’s likely that they have a collection of them. If they have absolutely none of them, you’ll have to judge the car in other ways, like price, luck check, and worst case scenario check, tea leaf reading. If they had the work done, they should be proud to show receipts.

I have a 97 and 2005 Camry. It seems that nothing is ever required other than maintenance. Do replace the water pump if you replace the timing belt. This car can cause you to forget about the basics, it is so reliable.

This is a very good car, very reliable.
To protect your investment, read the owners manual and do the recommended scheduled maintenance. The timing belt should be replaced ether at 60k or 90k, not sure which, Toyota kept changing that interval over the years on that engine.
And get the records from the seller.
It may be due for struts, brakes, tires. All normal wear items.