on my car i have one muffler which is a single exhaust not a dual. coming out of the muffler outlet i have 2 exhaust tips but when i turn on my vehicle my exhaust only comes out of one of my exhaust tips, not both. i looked under the car and there are 2 catalytic convertors under the car, one on the passenger and one on the driver. just down from the catalytic converter they connect into one pipe which continous to the muffler. I don’t want to spend 600 - 1200 dollars to replace the convertors, so i’m wondering if it is just the muffler which needs to replaced?

So you’re saying there’s one pipe into the muffler, two coming out? And exhaust isn’t coming out of one of the pipes? Why would you think there’s anything wrong with the converter? The pipes connect together, nothing wrong with them. Is there something wrong with how the car runs? How many miles on it?

I believe that there is nothing to worry about. When exhaust is still cold. hold a rag against the outlet. If the exhaust comes out the other hole, there is really nothing to worry about. If exhaust comes out both outlets when the engine is warmed up, that is normal too.

Some cars have a “dummy” pipe, to make it look like a dual exhaust.

I’m sure there’s nothing wrong. If what you think is wrong…then only one bank of the engine is running.