2017 BMW M240i exhaust

My 2017 BMW M240i has dual exhaust, but on cold mornings, shows exhaust coming out of only one pipe. Even after some highway driving, the left pipe isn’t even warm. Is something wrong with the muffler??

You are still in the warranty period I do believe so the first step would be have the dealer look at it .

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Then that left pipe is a dummy not hooked to the exhaust. It is to make your car look cool.

It is also possible your car stereo is also playing engine noise way cooler than your engine actually makes.

I bet it opens up during high-power operation.

edit - yes, looks like there’s a valve on that side. Look under your car.

Let’s hope that you’re right, hate to run around with just one pipe working

Hate to think that all that may be true. I’ll have to get underneath the car and shut of my radio to be sure.

BMW has to deal with strict noise regs in Europe during normal driving, so the high-power mode requires the added pipe.

Thanks for that info. When in sport mode both pipes are warm after getting on it.

Won’t help, you get the sound even with the radio off.