Exhaust problem

I own a 92 ford bronco 8.5. recently the engine was rebuilt but now the exhaust from muffler is very strong smell. It causes me tohave a headach when I drive. We didn’t have that problem before it was rebuilt. Any suggestions. I would like to know what is causing it and what I can do to fix it.

Sounds like you have an exhaust leak. Get this fixed ASAP, your headache means you’re breathing in fumes.

Do you have rust holes anywhere that might be letting in fumes? Might they be coming in the rear window? Is it smoking?

What does 8.5 mean?

Is the Check Engine Lamp ‘on’? How is your fuel economy? Is the catalytic converter still in the exhaust system? Is the auxiliary air system operating up to snuff?

I am thinking the engine is running excessively rich. Maybe the engine Coolant Temperature Sensor is defective or disconnected. The sensor wire may be connected to the wrong sensor i.e. the gauge sensor. Otherwise, look for anything that would allow unmetered fuel into the intake manifold.

If I had to guess, I would go with 8.5 == 5.8 liter.

thanks for your help.
yes it is 5.8 entered it wrong

Carbonmonxide poisoning huge problem sounds like your donuts baskets are bad

If the exhaust system is not leaking around the firewall and the smell is present and strong at the tailpipe, then it sounds like the engine may be running a bit rich.
Those fumes can creep in around rear gate or window seals also.

This vehicle should be a TFI ignition model and ignition timing is pretty critical on them so I would make sure the timng is set correctly as stated on the underhood sticker. The sticker always takes precedence over anything a manual may state.

There’s a number of other things that could cause a rich running condition which can lead to an acrid smell but there’s not enough info known about what’s going on to make much more than a guess.