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Gas Smell Coming from exhaust

I Would like some responses to why there is a gas smell from the exhaust

Because the that is where the burnt gas comes out.

so some suggestions on how to fix the problem

Don’t want to sound like a smart “a”, but that is usually normal smell for an exhaust, unless the smell is really exagerated.

Model year?
Odometer mileage?
Engine type/displacement?

Does this happen when the engine is first started during cold weather?
Does this happen when the engine is first started during warm weather?
Does this happen after the engine has been fully warmed up?

When were the spark plugs last changed?
When was the air filter last changed?

You are wise to be concerned. Your gasoline is being wasted… just going out the tail pipe. How is your gas mileage? Not so good? Part of that reason is that the engine isn’t burning some of the gasoline, at all. The term we use is: the engine is "running excessive rich."
There are a large number of little things which, added together, cause an engine to run excessively rich. The general term is “lack of tune”, or, “in need of a tune up”.
To begin the tune on your car, perform the car maker’s list of “routine (scheduled) maintenance”. some of the things on that list are: replace spark plugs and (perhaps) spark plug wires; replace air filter and fuel filter (if accessible); replace pcv valve; inspect and replace other parts in the ignition system, fuel system, and sensors and actuators as necessary. Pizza pie.