2013 Ford Escape - Smells like exhaust inside

I have a exaust smell in the cab of my car, what could that be also how do you disable the my key without an admin key

Key: Ask your dealer if not explained in the owners manual.
Exhaust: Take it to a non-chain muffler shop before you get CO poisoning.


Since you mention only exhaust smell, and you don’t mention any symptoms of CO poisoning, MAYBE it’s something else. But CO is so dangerous that you MUST get this checked out.

What else could it be? People whose sense of smell is not acute or well trained sometimes mistake these smells for exhaust: engine coolant (leaking heater core); burning oil (dripping on hot manifold); raw gasoline (leak in fuel system, e.g., injector); what-all else.

But get it checked out. CO is too dangerous to ignore.

And, be sure to drive with the windows open until it is repaired.


I bet they’ll also check for oil leaks dripping on the exhaust as they’re checking for leaks. That’s another possible source for the smell.

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Our 2013 Escape had a leak around the valve cover. Oil dripped on the exhaust manifold and caused a smell a lot like exhaust inside the car. We never had enough oil to leak out to cause drips on the garage floor, so whatever leaked was getting burned off by the hot manifold. This was a common problem with the 2013 Escape, and Ford eventually did a recall for that. You should have your Escape checked for that.


That’s be my first guess for the cause of OP’s problem.