Exhaust pipe replacement



Was I overcharged by Tuffy. who replaced my 2000 Toyota Corolla exhaust pipe and sensor for $520.? They said the sensor was too hot to handle and replaced it…


We are not surprised. I don’t know what the sensor cost, but my real question is did it need replacement. Hard to tell from here. I love that too hot to handle thing. It’s and exhaust. You expect it to be hot.


If it was too hot to handle, how did they manage to remove it? Sorcery?


That ‘too hot to handle’ line just pegged out my BS meter.


You have not provided any details. Which pipe? The pipe from the cat converter and/or the muffler? I assume the o2 sensor, just 1 or 2? How much for the pipe, muffler sensor and how much labor? If you are quoting “too hot to handle” then that in fact makes no sense but if you are paraphrasing it could clear things up knowing exactly what they stated. With all due respect it remains to be seen if you were overcharged.