Exhaust from 2000 Toyota Corolla

I have a 2000 Toyota Corolla, and lately I have been experiencing problems with what appears to be exhaust coming from the tailpipe and leaving black, smutty-looking residue on my bumper. I have seen a few other Corolla’s on the interstate with similar residue and am very curious as to where this could be coming from. I drove my car to the Toyota dealership to question this problem, and sadly, the mechanic could not help me. He just told me that my engine is burning oil very badly and my oxygen censor needs replacing. Could this be the problem?

The engine isn’t burning oil because the oxygen sensor needs to be replaced, the oxygen sensor needs to be replaced because the engine is burning oil. And even then, unless your check engine light is on and the ECM is reporting that the sensor is bad, you may not need that.

But I think your mechanic is right, I think that your car is burning oil and that is what you see on the bumper. What does that mean? It could mean simply getting the cylinder head rebuilt or it could mean getting new rings installed on the pistons. The former being quite a bit cheaper than the latter, but neither being all that cheap.

Just whatever you do, make sure you check the oil and keep it topped off or you will be looking at scrapping the whole engine.

Old fuel injectors can waste fuel and destroy O2 sensors. Before the exhaust systems were made of stainless, some Toyotas would lose the muffler in one year. 79 was a long time ago though. Maybe a Toyota needs fuel injection service. If I were selling the car I would state that it can’t do that if it won’t run. She’s a runner.

'79? I had a '79. But the OP has a 2000.
Can’t do what?

I second Mr. Josh’s post.

However, if the oil is coming from worn out valve stem seals it may be an affordable job. Did the mechanic comment beyond just saying it was burning oil?

It caint make black spots on the bumper by golly. As far as muffler falling off; every spring I would spend $60 and get muffler and pipe aft of the converter and hook er up. I should have got stainless and learned to rest.

Supposedly the oil consumption on this year vehicle is the Piston Rings, and not that uncommon from what I have read on other forms.