Excort ZX2 electrical problems

This car is in great condition and doesnt seem to have anything wrong with it, except for the electical system. When we first got the car the horn worked, but two days later it stoped working. Then when we tried to check to see if the lighter worked, it wouldnt heat up. Several weeks later the battery died. We would charge it up for several hours, move it less then 20ft to wash the car and after we were done we would have to get another car to jump it off because it would be dead again. We hooked up the battery to a gauge and took out all of the fuses one at a time to see if that was the problem, but that was not it. We know that something bigger then just the clock and the inside lights have to be draining the car for it to be dead within an hour of charging it, we just cant figure out what.

Are you charging the battery with a battery charger or just jumping it?

Get your battery tested, it might not be able to hold a charge. Most auto parts stores will test it for free.

how old is the battery? Sounds like it may have a dead cell.Most parts stores will also check your charging system and the battery.