Car won't start in cold weather unless I jump it

I have a 2000 Ford ZX2 that won’t start in cold weather. If I jump the car then it starts fine. I had the battery load tested and that checked out ok. I also cleaned the connector points to the battery but still no luck. Do I need to look at the starter now?

How old IS the battery?

What occurs when you attempt to start it? If the battery is fine (checked out okay) and the engine starts with an assist with another battery, what’s happening when you turn the key? Is it cranking and not starting and you run the battery down? Or is it not cranking?

It could be a tune issue and your battery doesn’t allow cranking long enough for it to start. New battery via jumping cables from a running car with a charging alternator and you get it to catch.

Access to an electrical outlet? Buy a cheap trickle charger and put it on over night. A wall wart in the proper voltage would probably do it (make your own clips).

If your car has its original battery, then just go ahead and replace it. It’s due. This move will probably resolve all of your problems.

Check the ground strap on the engine block.