Excessive wear on insides ofnfront tire tread


It’s hard to say.

Because both of those tires are totally worn out.


Does anyone have an educated guess as to why this happened? 4 tires brand new about a year ago, back tires almost appear brand new still and the front 2 destroyed.

Did the vehicle have an alignment performed after the new tires were installed?


Let me be sure I understand correctly; these tires are a year old and the rears are still new?
On a Kia Rio? How many miles did you get out of these tires?

Do you floor the gas pedal at every light, slam on the brakes at every stop, and cruise around entry and exit ramps whenever the chance presents itself? Short of these behaviors I cannot imagine how a Kia Rio could do this.

This type of wear would suggest too much negative camber, but these seem more evenly worn than I’d expect from a typical camber problem… totally worn out, but almost evenly. I don’t see angular ripples like I’d expect from toe being out, chopping, or scalloping as I’d expect from a balance problem, or extreme differences from the edges to the center like I’d expect from too little tire pressure. Routine excessive cornering speed can, however, kill a tire’s edges prematurely.

I think you have too much negative camber combined with too much testosterone.
Get an alignment and work on your driving behaviors.

I mean on disrespect, but that’s my opinion. But I’m still stunned that a Kia Rio can do this to a pair of tires in just a year unless your driving is way too aggressive. Unless, perhaps, you drive for a living and use your own car.


Excessive wear on the inside of the front tires is usually caused by too much negative camber and/or too much toe-out. This could be an alignment issue or a worn suspension/steering component which is murdering the alignment.

I’ve seen new tires trashed inside of a 1000 miles because of an alignment issue.

Not only are those tires a lethal blow out risk they’re also lethal as far as hydroplaning.

What’s the year and mileage of the car, and what’s the brand and model of the tires you bought?

I wonder how many miles it took to wear these tires out.

The toe is “out”, probably by much more than one degree.

There is also excessive wear on the middle and outside of the front tire tread. I’m sure it’ll sound like I’m being harsh, but there’s no excuse for driving a car with tires in that condition. You will kill someone if you keep it up.


We can’t see your alignment or inspect your steering and suspension parts. You really need to get this car to a good front end shop. What year and how many miles on the car and how many miles did it take to wear out these tires?

Has the car’s suspension been modified in any way? The wear looks too even to be worn parts.

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So really sorry for this issue. I have no idea about this. I will just start for another forum about my concerns in wear and tear. Thanks.

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Dustin, my gut tells me you already know what happened to these tires. Are you ready to confess yet?


Like how much he lowered the car ?

He should have rotated the tires so all 4 would be at 1/2 wear? Maybe he did?

Carol just hit the wrong button, she does have a separate post going on the lease question.

I like that guess. I was thinkin’ perhaps he’s autocrossing on weekends.
Both of our guesses might be accurate! :grin:
Enquiring minds want to know…

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