Tire Wear



2002 Taurus. I get excessive tire on the inside of my front tires. Less than 10K on a set of GY Triple Treds. Wear is symetrical from right to left (inside of each tire). Rears and the rest of the fronts still have a new look (that sharp edge on the tread blocks). Aligment is good (checked at multiple locations OFTEN). Inflation is good (checked weekly at a minimum and usually much more ferequently). Would a small deviation from manufacturers recommended toe and camber settings help. How much of a change? Is a change possible? I don’t know why it would matter but just in case, by a huge margin, most of my miles are interstate (I drive between Detroit and Chicago weekly). Please help.


I left out part of a sentence. Less than 10K miles on the Triple Treds and the wear bars are starting to show but only on the inside of the fronts. As I stated the rears as well as the reast of the fronts look perfect.


No offense, this is pertinent. Are you a heavy fellow?


None taken, 195#.


I was hoping you were a fatty-boombilatty. Then it would explain the alignment being different when running versus sitting on the alignment machine.

Short of this, I’m stumped. Might want to try a bit higher pressure on these versus the factory placarded pressure. If the alignment is stock, I don’t see why it would be doing this.


Some knowledge of wheel alignment factors can help you understand your problem, and lead to a solution. This article will help provide some of that knowledge: http://www.search-autoparts.com/searchautoparts/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=19877ld To view the full page, click on the word PRINT . Then, click on the words FREE PRINT.
And, this article will explain how the camber can be adjusted. http://www.aa1car.com/library/tr496.htm
Not included in the articles is a mention of front end sag. Sag would cause the top of the wheels to lean inwards (camber), and cause excessive wear on the tires, I don’t know if this is the problem with your car. There may not be enough adjustment available to compensate for the camber change from sag. The coil springs on the struts might need to be changed, to raise the car.


Regardless of what you have been told, your alignment is causing the tire wear - unless, of course, you are driving with “spirit” - if so, stop!

Some alignment shops will not adjust vehicles that don’t have provisions from the factory for adjustments. Avoid those. EVERY vehicle can be adjusted, it just takes some additional work and / or parts.

But just to be clear, there isn’t anything special about your car, right? It isn’t loaded with heavy suit cases in the trunk or anything like that? Stated differently, it’s just you and the empty car?