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2005 Honda Oil Smoke on Start Up

Our 2005 Honda Pilot with 180k has done this twice that I have noticed: Lots of oil smoke on start up. It then runs fine and does not really use any oil. At least that is noticeable.

It does not smoke while driving and seems to have normal power/etc.

In the old days it would have been valve stem seals as the #1 culprit. Given that its a more modern car (for me anyways) is there a different thing to check first like a vacuum sensor or PCV??

Any help appreciated!!

Valve stem seals would be my hunch, too. I don’t know how newer engine designs might also cause this.

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Classic leaky valve stems.
When my 1975 Civic [edit] CVCC did it it turned out the valve guides were also worn.
If you’re not adding oil between changes and it’s not fouling the plugs I would just drive on.

My 1976 Civic CVCC did, too, big time.

You have the classic symptoms

You speak about modern cars, but your car is 16yrs old and has 180K miles

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My 1984 Chevy Impala 305 V8 did precisely that. Since it started at about 150,000 miles when the car was 9 years old, I just added oil at about 1500 miles and carried on. After giving the car to my son in college, he did the same and 4 years later sold the car for $750.

Thank you all for the quick replies!!

db4690: 15 yrs old IS modern for me!!

I was hoping it was something else but I really dont feel like getting it fixed if it is indeed valve seals.

If there is any other input or things to look for pls post your ideas.