Ever seen this? Not the motor mount either

There were no leaks anywhere until the transfer case adapter cracked, then it emptied the transmission.

I pulled the transfer case yesterday. Today I got one U-joint out. It was like it was welded in there. It rained last night so I didn’t work under the truck today because the ground was too wet. Snowed tonight.

I just discovered the same issue on my 99 silverado 1500 SCLB the truck has 113K and the tail shaft of the transfer case is rubbing on the torsion bar cross member. The nub at the base of the shaft has been riding on the cross member and wore a pin hole in it.[quote=“keith, post:1, topic:111805, full:true”]
My son called me because the new to me truck, 2007 Chevy Silverado Classic 1500, 204k miles, was making a racket when moving. He pulled into a parking lot and saw oil pouring out of the transfer case. I had it towed home and while it was up on the truck, I looked at the transfer case and found that the transmission mount had collapsed, the transmission and transfer case had dropped down and the U-joint of the front drive shaft was hitting the frame cross member. The transfer case is also resting on the cross member.

The cross member appears to be U shaped so I’m thinking (hoping) that it might have worn a small hole in the case instead of a big crack and that I can fix it with some JB Weld. I’m also hoping that all I need is a new transmission mount. Right now it is getting very cold outside so it looks like I won’t be getting any cooperation from the weather soon.

The broken part on mine was the transfer case adapter, it goes between the transmission and the transfer case. It was most likely caused by the bad U-joints. Silverados have a history with this.