1998 toyota tacoma 4x4

Recently had transfer case fall out from

underneath chassis on rt. 66 at 70 mph.

Further inspection by mechanic found

transmission bolts broke off at engine

block, transmission and flywheel also need

replacing including both drive shafts.

According to mechanic a sheer pin broke in

the transfer case causing all this damage.

Hear of anything like this before. Any

recalls ? Any class action suits ?

Blue Book value not equal to repair costs.

not likely ,SUNSHINE!

when was it worked on last?

so your transfer case is bolted to the block?


sorry for being NEGATIVE,but thats my opinion.

The transfer case just fell out while you were rolling down the highway?? WTF??!!

Something ain’t right here. Those things simply do not fall off by themselves. Did someone recently do work on it, and maybe didn’t tighten bolts?

I don’t see how one pin failing inside the transfer case makes it fall out from the chassis. There just has to be more to this.

Nothing there for class action. Good thing the truck wasn’t any newer. If you go four wheeling, anything can happen. Man, that’s bad luck.