Bad repair job?

Rcsently I had a transfer case replaced on a 94 Silverado 1/2 ton pu. 3 days & less than 300 miles later I am sitting on the side of the road with a crcked transfer case & the drive line popped out. After being towed back to the shop that did the repairs they said the transmission was also cracked & that they were not resposible. My contention is that they reinstalled the drive line wrong & it came out causing the other damage. Any other thoughts on this? They first said part fatigue was the cause then said it was because I was pulling 1800lbs when it happened. When I asked them how the drive line came loose with the U joint still intact, other than mechanic’s error, he would not give me an answer.

sounds like BS to me. … .

Get a lawyer…or at least threaten them with one. They install a new transfercase and now it’s broke again…I’d also find another repair shop to do the work.

Bull. They’re full of bull.

You need the advice of an attorney. But considering the age of the vehicle don’t be surprized if he tells you it’ll cost more to pursue the matter than the value of the truck. Ask him if there’s another more affordable option, such as having his office send a threatening letter.

Sincere best.

We are in court over this. Will see how things go. Thanks,Anna