Evap system problems - Honda Civic Hybrid

I have a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid, which runs great. It has about 45k miles on it, and pretty much no problems.

One thing, though… there seems to be a problem with the fuel system. In September, my Check Engine light came on, and I took it to the shop. He replaced a solenoid in the evap system, and the Check Engine light went away - everything was happy.

I moved across the country in the car after this and had no problems. Now, however, the Check Engine light is back on.

I was told that the evap system is a delicate thing, and it could be that they didn’t do a complete fix…

The thing that I’m curious about is that my auto-stop doesn’t seem to work anymore. (So the car doesn’t turn off the engine at stops like it should.) For awhile, it worked occasionally… now it doesn’t kick in at all.

Could these things be related? Ideas?

There is no connection the two systems. Your mechanics will have to tackle each problem separately. Hopefully, your mechanic(s) knows how to troubleshoot the EVAP system, and not just change a suspect part without proof of its guilt.

Ohhh, ok. Thanks!

Is it common for auto-stop to just stop working like that?

Get the error codes read from the engine computer. SOme places like AutoZone will do it for free.
Post back here with the code(s). They look like P0123.

Just because you had an evap problem before does not mean you do this time…Have the codes read…