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Civic Hybrid dilemma

I have a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid with 176,000 miles. It has been an excellent car. Still going though the hybrid
battery quit more than a year ago. I know this because 2 check-engine lights came on intermittently, and have been
on permanently for 4-5 months. Car drives fine, long distance and short, and in this Vt. winter’s freezing cold weather. Problem
is, it needs to be inspected at the end of Feb. and won’t pass with the lights on. At under-the-desk suggestion from a
dealership, I had the regular battery unhooked for a half hour to reset computers. Lights were out for a day…not long enough
to get it inspected. So, I have a good car, still very usable, but won’t pass inspection. Any suggestions?? Thanks…

How do you know based on the dash lights that the battery quit? Has someone actually read error codes? If so, then report them.

I’m quite surprised that the dealership would have given you the impression that a battery disconnect code clearing would work at all . It doesn’t. It resets all of the monitors and if the car won’t pass with an engine light on then it shouldn’t pass if all of the monitors haven’t been fully through their checks - at which point the lights will come back on. But I’m not working with any specific knowledge of the inspection rules in Vermont, so that could matter.

Have you thought about actually getting the car repaired? That would be my suggestion.

There are companies that specialize in refurbishing hybrid battery packs. They can either rebuild your battery pack or swap it out for one that’s already been refurbished

Clearing the light is 100% pointless, as the the pcm is constantly checking the various systems. After 2 trips with the problem detected, the light will be back on.

If you clear it and immediately go the inspection station without shutting off the car, you will fail, because you won’t have enough complete monitors to pass

I take it you have all the latest software updates?