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EVAP Purge Solenoid 97 Grand Prix

Just looking to get an estimate on replacing/fixing an EVAP Purge Solenoid and downstream oxygen sensor on a 97 Grand Prix. Parts and Labor?

Also, if you know, my window wipers were knocked out by an ice storm. The motor still seems to work but the driver side wiper wants to slide off the window and the passenger side moves a litte but does not come up. Suggestions, repair estimate?

The EVAP Purge Solenoid might fix itself if it has triggered the code for the first time and you stop overfilling your gas tank. You must stop filling on the first click. If you add fuel beyond this point, you take space at the top of the tank needed for expansion. When you do that, raw liquid gas gets into the canister and purge valve causing your problem.

I don’t know if the raw gas in your case is causing the O2 sensor fault as well. I’d let it clear up first and see if the O2 sensor code disappears with it. Probably not but worth a try.

As for the wipers, the fix is usually very easy, getting at the fix is the costly part. The mechanic will have to remove the wiper arms, then the cowling at the base of your windshield in order to reconnect the linkage. That is assuming the linkage only needs to be reconnected as is the usual case. Five minutes on the linkage, an hour or more getting at it and putting everything back after the repair, plus the nickel/dime plastic fasteners needed.