Ethanol gas on Caravan 1996?



I got a 2002 mini Caravan recently and in its book it says that it can use gas Ethanol with no problem… but I have another 1996 minicaravan, I don’t have the book…Can I use also Ethanol in this old Caravan? I’ll appreciate as always your momments. Thanks


look inside the gas cap door.

if there is an ethanol 85, or E-85 sticker there it is safe to use for E85 ethanol fuel.

if there is NO sticker you can only use the fuel at the pump (which only has E-10, so it’s OK)

your 2002 caravan shoudl have the sticker. look for it. compare the two fuel door areas for the other sticker.


Go to this website, and enter the info:
If it is listed, you can use E85. If not, don’t bother trying.


Thank you so much cappy 208 and BustedKnukles…I’ll find out.


I suggest that you read the owners manual for your vehicle before you start using E85. You’re going to find that the maintenance schedule changes drastically compared to using E10.



My 4runner’s manual says it can use Ethanol with no problem also…but that doesn’t mean it can use E85. Mine says NOT to use a percentage greater then 10% (which is what gas stations use around here). The alternative is MTBE which I think is finally phased out (at least here in NH).


We usin our 96 caravan 10% ethanol in over 50% of tanks of gas almost 100,000 miles and no ill effects. Heck i have even added e85 making the % about 60% but the cost saving at pump is offset by the more fuel used. So i just use the 10%.