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Ethanol blends?

Can I put an ethanol blend in my old Chevy? It’s a 2002 Cavalier that has never let me down, and I don’t want to let her down. I’ve searched the web until my fingers bled and can’t find anything. Help please!

Sure! As long as the ethanol blend is not over 10%. Or E10. But unless your vehicle is a Flex-Fuel vehicle, you can’t use E85 or an 85% blend. The fuel system and engine management system isn’t designed to operate on E85.


Most gasoline already contains 10% ethanol. You’ve been using it all along. You may continue to use it, but you ought not go to higher ethanol formulations. If you think you may have a Flex-Fuel car, first check with a Chevy dealership before trying E85.

Here, try this website :
As the page says, ‘If your vehicle is not listed, it is NOT E85 compatible’

Thank you! I just wondered because my local Shell station has (all of a sudden) posted stickers on the pumps saying the gas has 10% ethanol. I guess it just freaked me out a little … I know enough about cars to not get ripped off when I go for repairs, but not enough to fix it myself. I feel better now, and I’m looking forward to filling up before the prices go any higher!