Estimate for repainting scratches

Hello, everyone. I’m a relatively new driver, having owned my civic for coming up to 2 years. While I think I’m not a bad driver, I am terrible at parking, which has lead to many scratches on the front of the car, as in the image that I hope have successfully attached.

Does anyone know if these could be buffed out or repainted, and if so, how much would it probably cost?

Since it only let me attach one image, here is the other side

A body repair estimates from pictures on the internet can’t be any where useful. We don’t know where you are or your insurance status. If you have full coverage contact your insurance company. Other wise you will just have to get estimates .

Those look like they’re scratched right down to the plastic bumper covers.
They can’t be “repaired”, but they can be painted. See your reputable local body shop for a quote.

check ebay, it looks like $200-400 will buy you a new cover painted your color, including delivery

will take a little bit of screwdriver skill to remove the old one and install a replacement

I think you are a bad driver if you can’t park. My opinion.

I suggest practicing parking your car with a bit more precision with soft stuff so you don’t add any more scratches. Understanding exactly where the corners of your car are will go a long way to making you a better overall driver. Maybe before you get the car fixed.

We who share the road (and parking lots) with you would be eternally grateful as will your insurance company and your checking account!