Estimate for Getting Scratches Buffed Out


I have a few long scratches on my hood and I was wondering roughly how much it would cost to have clear coat applied to the scratch, then wet sanded and buffed out.

Any detailing place won’t give me an estimate without seeing it, and I know you would have trouble without seeing it as well, but I’m curious as to whether I’m looking in the $100 range or the $300 range.


Is it only scratched into, but not through the clear coat? If so, it might only require buffing. Get a rag and some buffing or rubbing compound at your local parts house, and try it on a small area. If it works, buff the whole hood. You may be surprised how easy it is.


I’ve tried Maguire Scratch X and it has gotten out some marks, but there are still others that are more stubborn. I figure for those I will need to get them buffed out.


It depends on how deep those scratches are. If they’re through the color coat then you’ll never get rid of them without repainting.


I also think it depends on whether any painting is required. Without painting, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get them cleaned up for a few $100 (for example, I just had two tiny dings removed for under $200). If painting is required, plan on spending at least $1000.