Error message: Battery Saver Audio Off

My 2013 Ford Fusion has original 48,000 miles. Since Covid, it has only been driven 3,000 miles in 2 years. Most of the time when I turn off the engine, I get the error message, Battery Saver Audio Off or turn on ignition. I often hook up the battery to a charger, and it hasn’t drained down that much. Last week the dealership said the reprogramming would fix it, the battery was o.k. Error appeared again today. The battery has been replaced at least once. Besides this, it is a beautiful car.

… and now you need to replace it again.
Two replacement batteries in 8 years can be expected with a car that has been driven–on average–only about 6k miles per year. Now that you are driving ~1.5k miles per year, your driving patterns are taking a major toll on that battery.

In addition to needing a new battery, I really hope that you have been getting the oil changed once per year, lest you wind up with engine problems in addition to battery problems.

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it has been happening on a lot of fords from what I have read. I believe they started in 2012 with the battery saver function. sometimes it is from needing a new battery. others have gotten a new battery and still have the problem. the 2 things that others have tried are disconnecting the battery for a while and the following that I have found. he said it never happened when he drove the vehicle every day. it only started when he retired and drove it once in a while. not sure if it will help but it is worth a try…

After replacing the battery and alternator I still had this battery saver notice. I found the answer on a web site that worked. The battery is being drained by the bluetooth system in the audio controls. Go to the radio controls and push the phone button. Click up and down until you turn off the bluetooth. I’ve solved the problem that way

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