Error in digital odometer, 2000 Cavalier

2000 Chevy Cavalier 4dr 2.2L. I have ‘error’ in the digital odometer, as well as problems with my gauges. The hazards remain backlit all the time, and my low beams don’t work, even after changing the bulbs. Any ideas?

Regards, JT

Any ideas from anyone?

turns out that my battery’s positive terminal has been slowly leaking battery acid that ate through an electrical junction that sat underneath it, and this has been causing the majority of my problems. Thanks for the help!


Thanks for the update. It looks like your original message somehow got lost. I would guess many might have passed it over because it did not have a clear answer. The battery cable issue would have been the most likely one with that kind of assortment of electronic issues. Of course there are many others.