Cavalier Electrical Shutdown

I have a 2001 Chevy Cavalier 2.2. I was driving down the highway today and my dash warning lights started to come on one by one. First it was the ABS and Trac Control. Then it went to the brake light and airbag warning. Then I noticed a slight engine surge and then the speedo, radio, and A/C failed but never the engine.

I continued driving and after making a long right hand swiping turn merging onto another highway everything came back on except the ABS light stayed on. On the drive home from a long day at work, the car ran fine and all lights had gone off.

I recently got the oil changed and inspected at one of those quick lube places, could they have knocked something loose?

I am interested in the answer to this myself. I can’t imagine what would cause all of the panic lights to go on and then to go off on their own accord.

I would first suspect the alternator. The warning lights are most likely in the field circuit. If that isn’t the cause then I would check out the power to those areas.

If this car uses a junction terminal for the main power lead from the battery it should be inspected and cleaned if necessary.

All current passes through the junction terminal, except the starter motor current, and any corrosion or scale on the terminal can cause all kinds of grief.

This may not even be the problem but it’s a very simple thing to check and cure if needed.
It’s also a somewhat common problem with other cars that use a junction terminal.
(Should be located near the battery positive terminal.)

Typical GM with a major junction right at the starter and I have seen rhis group of wires at the starter heavily damaged by acid leakage. We were told the acid leakage problem was solved by 2001 but I am not so sure. OP take a real close look at the condition of the wire group at the starter and just as important there is a major ground right in the battery box and I have seen this break off.

On the right side front(in front of the tire inside the removable wheel well plastic) are several modules, I have seen rodent damage there.