OBDII reader

where can I find good OBDII reader or can you recommend one.

Google is your friend .

Stop by a parts store and read the various offerings’ packages. The differences between the lower priced offerings and the higher priced offerings will become obvious. The difference will be in not only the data the scanner can provide, but also the manner in which it’s presented. If your only goal is to read stored codes, you can get off pretty cheaply. If you want to graph and store real time data as the engine runs, you’ll pay more. Think about how you plan to use it first. If you only plan to download the stored codes before taking the car to the garage, your needs will be a lot different than if you want to get into some serious diagnostics.

You might also want to Google “OBD2 scanners and their differences” or something like that to get a feel for what’s available and the price ranges.

I use a ScanTool product. It attaches to a laptop computer and works just fine for me. They have them in all sorts of levels of sophistication, starting at $29.95.


Any laptop will serve as a OBD-2 code reader and diagnostic tool by using a connecting cable and program designed for that purpose…Basic diagnostic programs are available as free-ware while more sophisticated programs must be paid for…