Error code 1670

I have a 2003 Ford Excursion with a 7.3 diesel. It has approximately 145,000 miles.

I turned it on tonight only to discover that the engine light would not turn off. I drove to my mechanic’s place and he plugged the diagnostic hand held computer into my truck. The error code that he came up with was 1670. I can’t tell you anything about what this code meant. He reset the computer in my truck and the engine light did not come back on. I did turn the truck off and on several times and the engine light has remained off. Since getting home, I have searched the web for some answers and I can 't find any. Thus my questions is.

What is the error code 1670?

Can I drive safely if I ignore this warning?

My number is 601.466.4933 and my email address is



From what I gathered its a com err between the PCM and the IDM, this is all I could find

You shouldn’t post personal information on an open forum website. There are weird and potentially dangerous people out there.

Code P1670 - ODM has Detected a Voltage greater than 33 volts. Does this truck have a 24V starting system? You may need to have the electrical system checked. 33V is a lot for most auto electronics.

You might be wise to remove your Ph# and email address.