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Erratic Turn Signal, Brake and Tail Lights

I have a 2001 chevy full size pickup. At night when my lights automatically come on some crazy things happen with my lights. Here are a few

  • if i only turn on my turn signal (not hitting brakes), both sides of the turn signals flash inside and the same thing happens outside
  • If i turn on my turn signal and hit the brake, my turn signals lights inside are on solid (not flashing) while i’m hitting the brake. Outside while i’m hitting the brake, the lights are on solid (no flashing, but the lights that are on solid are my turn signal lights (no red lights at all)
  • if i only hit the brake (no tuirn signals), the two turn turn signal lights vaguely come on inside, i honestly dont’ know what happens outside on this one.
  • during the day when my lights are not on, everything works just fine.

Any ideas?? I’ve only changed out the flasher so far. Has anyone heard of the multifunction switch (turn signal switch/lever) causing this type of issues?


Yes. I’ve replaced many multifunction switches on GM vehicles that displayed the same problem you’re having.


+1 for Tester. Sounds like a classic GM multifunction switch problem to me.

Thanks gentlemen. I’ll give that a shot!