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Equinox flooding when it rains

I have a 2005 Equinox. In the last 2 years it has flooded every time it rains. I’ve had it repaired twice, but it still floods. Who do I contact to get this figured out? My mechanics are all baffled and don’t know why this keeps happening. I really love my Equinox with this one exception. The smell and mold is also becoming a health issue and I would like to get this fixed once and for all.

Where is the water coming from? Left, right, front or rear? We need a little more info please. Where is the vehicle parked? I have seen a couple of bulletins about flooding through the accelerator cable and in the rear tire storage in later models.

The term “flooding” when used on cars usually means that too much gas has made its way into the engine. In this case, I think you mean that some water is leaking into the interior. As someone who has been through Katrina, I would never describe having some rain water inside a car as a flood.
Anyway, how much water, where, and under what circumstances does it get in?

The entire backseat floor gets soaked and wet when it rains. No one seems to know where it coming from. The mechanics have check the sunroof for leaks, it’s not coming from there. Out side at my house and office where I work is where it’s parked. It’s also not the rear tire storage (I had them check since I saw the same posts). It’s not gas flooding, it’s from the rain.

THERE IS A BULLETIN ON THIS** The liftgate latch needs adjusting to pull the gate tighter. Ask the dealer to check the TSB’s, don’t let them stop.

Thank you so much for this information. I will bring this up to my mechanic to check. Do you have the bulletin? I searched everywhere on the net for the bulletin and found items for other models/makes but not the equinox. If you can give me the bulletin # or site you found it on, it makes it a lot easier to explain to them what I’m talking about.

I never saw it on a site. I had an Equinox in our body shop with this problem. My techs repaired the rt side of the car and the owner came back claiming the car leaks. After running the shower head for a while and no leak I instructed them to hit the gate. It was very apparent and the spare tire cavity filled up rapidly. I went to our service dept and the asst service manager stated right away there is a bulletin. After some searching she never found it but nevertheless we simply popped the trim panel from around the striker off and moved the striker in just a little.
I will try to remember to get the number.

Who ever you are, you are awesome! I will make sure my mechanic knows about the issue and if you locate the number please send it. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

bulletin #08-08-57-001B GENERAL WATER DIAGNOSTIC GUIDE. JAN. 13, 2009
models 05-09 Equinox LS, LT
06-09 Torrent LS,LT

In this document there are several items.

condition #1 water may be entering through the lt or rt ft strut towers.
#2 water may be entering through the floor pan on lt or rt side. It does not say ft or rear
#3 water may be entering through the liftgate weatherstrip between a gap in the sheet metal at the bottom.
#4 water may be entering between the liftgate and the weatherstrip. CAUSE/ the gate may not be tight enough to the weatherstrip. CORRECTION / adjust the liftgate, move the striker in a LITTLE.
#5 water may be entering through a gap at the top of the rear or “D” post top.
#6 water in the spare area may be entering through a gap behind the rear bumper cover.
#7 water may be entering through a gap in the sheet metal behind the taillamps
#8 mildew odor from rear after water is gone. mold may be in the sound deadening material.

Hope this helps.

It does. Thank you again so very much! I believe this info will also help anyone else out there that has had this issue. I will present to my mechanics. Good Day and Many Blessings!

I am glad that this may help. Please post back when this gets resolved to let us know what the deal was. You have a blessed day also.