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Equinox awd

08 equinox. Awd. Was parked outside is -5f temps. Got warning light for awd system at initial start. Drove 1/2 mi to gas station. Shut off and restart and no light. Maybe temp related? Read manual and it say owner may get warning if awd systems experiences overheating issues? What the heck? What exactly did GM manual writer try to mean with that statement? I know the awd system is wimpy at best and I assume it is mostly some type of viscous/liquid clutch setup for rear power transmission? I do not have hitch and assume the warning is to discourage ANY heavy duty use of this suv?

Dont worry about it,I seriously doubt if the system is that wimpy,imagine the cold weather had a hand in the light being on temporarily-(I wouldnt be the least bit concerned,GM AWD systems seem to be alright)-Kevin

Yes, GM builds “ok” stuff for most part. So, u read manual, awd warning is explained as overheating and owner should let vehicle cool down. I read manual, you did not. I am assuming you did not? Yes we all know a warning light means something is wrong. But what? Why does GM focus on high temps in explanation? I would lean towards a bad wheel speed sensor first. I did not get a abs light or tcs light. Just the awd light.

I’m sure what the manual is telling you is that with all of the system components functioning normally, it will warn you if it overheats. This is certainly possible if the car is getting a workout in poor conditions.

I’m sure what the light this morning was telling you us that there were one or more aspects of the system that were not functioning normally. This is now typical “error detected” with codes sort of thing. It the warning light went out then for now I would take it as a random blip - a ghost in the machine. Who knows? Maybe a mouse camped out on a speed sensor. Or more likely some ice someplace. If it comes back on then you’ll need the error codes.

On an overheat, its the same thing. There must be a temp sensor, and that will set a code and turn on the light. Your light this morning came from some other problem that was detected.

Anytime I have a warning light come on (with the exception of brake, oil pressure, or coolant temp) I turn it back off before doing any diagnostic work. I’d say about 75% of the time they never come back.

The equinox awd system is pretty basic. No on/off user settings. No hi/lo switch. The only thing u can really do is turn off the trac control. It is good that the system is monitored for hi temp conditions. Though I am not sure what most owners would do if they got the warning light while motoring down the highway.