2013 Acura RDX - Check AWD warning intermittent


About a year ago, I inherited a 2013 RDX with about 120K on it. It’s been well taken care of, but did live its previous life in Wisconsin so some tough exposure to elements/road salt.

Recently I started getting a CHECK AWD message on the dashboard. Usually it comes on after driving a little bit, but it’ll go away when I turn the car off and on, and then sometimes it won’t come back for days at a time. It drives/handles great, I wouldn’t know anything is wrong with it at all.

My questions are:

A) Any suggestions on what this might be? Or is that too vague of an error message?

  1. Is this something I need to go to an Acura dealer? Or could most shops handle this?

III) I just had some brake work done in the back, had to replace brake lines, calipers, pads, you name it. I was under-satisfied by the work done by that shop and have since heard some horror stories from friends about their sloppy work (so I’m in the market for another shop if I can take this anywhere). Just curious if maybe these two things could be related, or if it’s just a coincidence.

Thanks for your help!

If you go to an auto parts store (AutoZone, Advance, O’Reilly etc), they can plug an OBD reader into the OBD port underneath the dashboard. I think that the warning message that you see might have resulted in trouble codes being stored, and if so, they can do a print-out of those codes. Then, you can come back here to post those codes for additional help.

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Can’t say what that message comes from but I would be taking it to a dealer. Those are some very expensive components. I have the transmission, transfer case, and differential fluid changed every 30,000. When was the last services? Are the tires all matched? Sure they could have messed up a sensor.

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That warning indicates a fault within the ABS, traction control, AWD system.

Find a shop that has the proper scanner to determine where the fault lies.



+1 for Tester

But make sure no low tire pressures, make sure the tires and tread depths on the front 2 tires and the rear 2 tires are the same, you can do 2 tires at a time, on the same axles, on these…

And as already said, very expensive…

BTW, if you do go just to have the codes scanned and they can’t print off for you, then take a picture of the code(s)…

One of the car’s computers probably monitors the rpm of each of the 4 wheels as you are driving, using the wheel speed sensors. If they don’t match up, that might be one reason it will turn on that warning light. So it’s possible a wheel speed sensor was damaged or became disconnected during the brake work. You might ask your shop to test them.

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I wonder if one or more of the tires might be a different diameter. Not sure if that would throw a code or not.

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