Envoy Wipers



My wipers to this http://www…zQfZ2NlPlE


What can i do about it?


The problem might be with the pulse board in the wiper motor. This is what controls the function of the wiper motor at all settings. Since the wipers function normally at a constant speed setting there’s nothing wrong with the wiper motor or the linkage.



where is that located at by the wiper motor?


Yes. There’s a cover you remove from the wiper motor to replace the pulse board. Here’s what you’re looking for http://www.jcwhitney.com/jcwhitney/product.jcw?nval=1101010400&statenval=1101010400&productId=2009646&skuId=315411&shopid=100001&pageid=13&TID=0720&utm_source=PriceGrabber&utm_medium=CSE&utm_content=product-529112&zmam=15972153&zmas=21&zmac=128&zmap=529112



I have looked at all the local parts stores they only sell the Wiper Motors and not the Pulse part of it? I have a GMC Enovy 2002 SLE.


Have you checked at the GM parts counter? I would also check with a large salvage yard in your area.


I have replaced dozenz and dozens of these “pulse modules”.