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'Envisioning the Car of the Future as a Living Room on Wheels'

Don’t forget the condoms! That’d be a smart car.

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Something wrong with the link I guess but I think my 81 Olds 88 was pretty much a living room on wheels. So maybe everything old becomes new again.

Something wrong with the way this website presented it. I remember my parents’ '50 Studebaker Champion: could have set up a table and served dinner in the back.

Gee, RT, that sounds pretty horrible. I’m just glad I’ll be dead before the Brave New World is fully put into effect; until that day, I will resist it, and give my vote to those who will also resist it.

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Just what I want ads on my windsheild while the car drives me from place to place. How about a pop up table so we can play cards with the front and back seat drivers? And the virtual reality to make you feel like you are in a race car, dang the fun never ends, cars may have a future like phones, I mean you used to have a land line, did not have to ask where are you, and all it did was make phone calls, I bet 80% of smart phone usage is doing things other than making a phone call, like the car of the future, 80% of what you do in a car is not driving.

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I agree with @bing. My Mom’s 1964 Series 62 Cadillac hard top had enough room for three in the front easily and four in the back. There was plenty of room to recline in there.

Carolyn, can’t we get this living pile of used food banned? He just wished death on me! He has ZERO comprehension of civilized discourse, and immediately resorts to uncalled-for personal attacks.

(And I ONLY censor myself for the respect of the OTHER board members. Were it just you and me, I’d unload with all the “heavy artillery” four-letter-words I could muster, as you RICHLY deserve every one.)

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The thing is I just don’t take to heart anything the NYT says anymore or the Washington Post or the LA Times. They had a recent article envisioning in the near future no one would own cars anymore but just share them or use Uber. Of course they meant New York, or Chicago, or LA, or Atlanta, etc. Some of these writers have never been farther than the Ohio river yet think they have the pulse of the nation, or at least how they think it SHOULD be. Used to read them every day, now if I had a cat, that’s what I’d use them for.

Okay, so I afforded you an opportunity to “walk it back,” and you didn’t. Time to GTHO, Troll. You trod where you shouldn’t have, and are in violation of the board’s policies, not to mention basic human decency.


I agree that the comment was out of line. @RandomTroll, please check your PMs. Thanks.

I hope you live forever @meanjoe75fan.

If I want all the amenities of home, I stay home. If I want all the amenities of feeling a car under my butt, I jump in my car and take off.

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I concur!!!