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'Soon, Your Car May Be Able to Read Your Expressions'

Mine would avert its eyes.

I wish they would figure out how to make a comfortable seat first.

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I wonder what the car makers will have to say about the expressions on the faces of those who have their new car into the shop for the nteenth time during the first year of ownership.

I agree with Keith about comfortable seats. The ones in my Lincoln are superb. The seats in my daughters '05 Mustang and '15 Challenger are made out of cement.
The RT was a joy to drive but on a 1000 mile trip I’d have to do some mods to the seats first.

At first I thought they were talking about reading the meaning of garage-floor stains from engine leaks … lol …

As long as it doesn’t tell my wife anything :slight_smile:

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How much psychological manipulation might there be?

Look at Uber:

Now if it was really smart it could read hand gestures and vocal outbursts :speaking_head:

No more horn rings, just mood rings.

I need that like I need tap-dance lessons! Just build a dam_ car. Leave that crap to the more graceful folks to screw around with, someplace other than cars.

Did you need those horsemanship lessons?

Cars are on their way to becoming our friends, along with the voices in our smart(er than we are) phones and Internet-enabled everything (did you hear about the Internet-connected vibrator?). We’ll be blobs of protoplasm living in virtual worlds.

No, but I needed the P.E. credits. I had already taken, scuba, canoeing, gymnastics and alpine skiing.

Besides, I was always kind of afraid of horses, so I thought I’d overcome that silly fear.

I’m more afraid of those things than ever. I learned too much. Their utter stupidity and their losing total bodily control when frightened is not a good thing, especially considering they weigh 3/4 tons, no steering wheel or brakes, and I’m sitting on top!