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Enviromentally responsible or stupid?

I have a 94 Corvette that takes synthetic oil. I change the oil once a year and drive it less than 2,000 miles per year. I also have a 99 S-10 with 150,000 miles on it. I normally use whatever oil is on sale for that. Wonder if I would be environmentally responsible or stupid if, when I drain the barely used synthetic oil out of the Vette, I dumped it into the S-10 for another 3,000 miles or so, with a new filter of course.

Are those the only two choices for answers that I am allowed?

Yes or no work too.

That Sounds Like A Workable Plan To Me. Why Throw It Out ? Slightly Used Synthetic Is Probably Better Than Brand New Conventional Oil.

How many miles does that truck go in a year ?


About 8,000. The used oil would end up being every other change.

You SURE COULD…that oil has many more useful miles on it. I would do it If I were you. You could get up to 5000 more miles on that used oil in the S10…I would use the reused oil another say 4000 miles though…not 5K for a total of 6K miles on the synth. Sure…

I don’t see any likely problems, assuming they both call for the same weigh oil.

Seems like a perfectly reasonable practice to me.

My problem would be if the oil was contaminated or diluted with fuel and you did not notice. I am sure a cavaet to any plan could be arrived at if you analyze it long enough.We have people that ask if new oil in a sealed container has a shelf life.

I would say stupid; the oil may be contaminated with water, gasoline and dirt, and your draining it may add futher contamination.

I can’t tell what the two choices were.

Bobistheoilguy says oil in a sealed container does have a shelf life. Just saying.

I think you could do it. If it were me I don’t think I’d go through the trouble. If you are so sure the oil in the Vett is still good, why not leave it in there longer?

Oil is the life blood of an engine. People have blood transfusions, so I don’t see why your S-10 couldn’t have an oil transfusion. You need to transfuse the correct weight of oil (e.g. 5W-30) just as you need to transfuse the correct blood (e.g. A positive). Of course, you don’t want contaminated oil in your S-10 just as you wouldn’t want contaminated blood that would give you hepatitis.

Is your S-10 using oil? If so, maybe you want to keep the sythetic oil from your Corvette on hand to top up the oil, or with a real oil burner, it may make sense to use the used sythetic. I had a 1947 Pontiac that used one quart every 200-250 miles. I bought re-refined oil in bulk for 10 cents a quart–an oil transfusion from another vehicle.

I knew I could count on you, don’t know if it would be for anything good though.

If The Oil In The Corvette Is Contaminated With Water, Dirt, And Gasoline, Then What’s It Doing To The Corvette ?


Thinking A Little More On This, You Have To Be Extra Cautious About External Engine Cleanliness. Thoroughly clean the drain Plug Area And Plug On The Vette, Prior To Draining.

Also, running the oil through a fine screen or at least letting the heavy stuff settle to the bottom of the conatiner for a while wouldn’t hurt, either.


Thanks to all for the input. I’m thinking that I’ll just recycle the synthetic. The cost of new oil is probably worth it, for peace of mind if nothing else.

Very reasonable idea.

That’s why he is DRAINING it from the Corvette!!! A car driven infrequently such as OP’s Corvette has its oil changed after one year for these reasons. Just COMMON SENSE!