engine will not get hot and engine does not engage. the sensors are ok but the engine will not get hot.

You need a new thermostat.

What do you mean, “does not engage?”

How about a little more information:

  • Make model and year of car

  • Miles on car

  • Why do you think the engine does not get hot and why would you want it to get hot, they are designed not to get too hot.

  • What sensors are OK and why do you think they are and why did you tell us something about the sensors that you say are OK? I would guess the gas gauge is also OK but you did not say so.

    Why exactly did you write your question. We just need more information.

The cooling fan will not come on.

Well, of course it won’t. If the engine is not getting hot there’s no need for the cooling fan. Try a new thermostat. That’s usually the problem when an engine won’t warm up correctly.

This is a 1995 Madaza Millenium, has 195,000 miles.

The engine just take a little longer to get hot then it normally use to.