Engine won't re-start after stall

This topic was discussed in a recent podcast; caller’s Peugeot wouldn’t restart after the engine stalled, like trying to start uphill in too high of gear. The only solution seemed to be to wait for 15 minutes, then it would restart ok. Ray thought the cause was engine flooding. I’ve never had that problem for any of my vehicles, but for lawnmowers, yes. And I’ve always been curious what specifically causes this to happen? For lawnmowers, most problematic if the lawnmower engine is warm at stall. The weird thing is, no matter how many times I pull the rope, it will never start until the engine cools down. However, if I prime the carb, then it will start after a few pulls without cooling off. But why would extra gas help, if the problem is flooding?

What year was the Peugeot, how many miles and was the CEL lit? If the CEL was lit, what were the codes?

The podcast seemed to be from the mid-to-late-90’s. The caller mentioned the model number, suggesting it was one of the last Peugeot models sold in the USA, but I forget what it was. I got the impression it was fairly new car at the time. No mention of the CEL status. Curious about the topic b/c of the symptom similarity to small lawnmower engines.

Episode 23107, dated 12.23.23.

I wonder if Peugeots will be sold in the USA again?

Does it have a temperature activated automatic choke? It’s usually connected to piece next to the muffler, where it heats up really fast. The choke comes back on after you let it cool off.

That’s how my truck’s choke-function works, but the Peugeot in question is probably fuel injected. If you are referring to my lawnmower engine, its Tecumseh carb has no choke or other temperature-mixture compensation as far as I know.

About 6 or 7 years ago, I spied an unusual-looking black car–sans manufacturer’s logos, but bearing a manufacturer’s license plate–on I-287 in NJ. Later, an image search via Google convinced me that it was a Peugeot.

So, I think that they may have been contemplating a re-entry to the US market at that time, but since nothing happened since then, they probably decided against doing it.

Edited to add…
I think that it might have been one of these Peugeot sedans:

Yes the lawn mower. I don’t understand how your lawn mower would flood in the first place. They only way I know that it could flood would be too much choke when starting, tilting to one side too much (Common on Chinese mowers), a faulty float in the carburetor, too much engine blow by from a worn out engine. It would normally never flood after running normally.

Question #1 after a stalled-won’t-restart: does the engine turn over?

Small engines all have chokes whether automatic or manual. Restarting a hot engine can sometimes be tricky by chocking too much. But Tecumseh has not been made for years now.

Yes, the symptom is cranks ok, but won’t start after a stall, for both the caller’s car, and the lawnmower.

Not disputing, but I’ve taken the lawnmower’s carb nearly completely apart several times for repair/cleaning , and don’t see anything resembling a conventional choke mechanism. Fixed rpm design, but the throttle valve can be placed in one of two positions using a lever, one more closed than the other. It seems to cold start best in the more closed position, so maybe that’s the choke position. But the engine runs fine even when warm w/the throttle more closed, just not as fast as the wider open setting.