Engine won’t turn off when key is removed

When I remove my key from the ignition the engine still runs, a malfunction service now message came up on the screen and when driving it wouldn’t go over 2000 revs. Took to the garage but nothing showing on diagnostics. Any help would be much appreciated. It’s a Ford Focus eco boost 2014

Did you take it to your dealer?
Just guessing might be a computer problem, at 4 years it MIGHT still be under warranty.

Do you have any aftermarket add ons? Remote start, radio, spotlight etc.?

It’s out of warranty unfortunatley. I have taken it to the garage 3 times and nothing showing on diagnostics.

No i dont have any add ons

Thinking it could possibly be an electrical fault? Ignition switch or power relay for fuel / ignition but to be honest i am clueless!

The most likely candidate would be the ignition switch, Do you have more than 4 keys on your keychain? If so you may try and see if things work normally using just one key, and maybe a little jiggling!

That sounds like you’re in limp mode…but I would assume they would be able to pull codes, especially if the service now message comes up…is the check engine light on or just the service message on the display?

Check engine light comes on but doesn’t stay on.

I have tried the spare the key, thinking it may be the key or the battery but same thing happened.

It was one of the main Relays and also found a split in the water pipe - the pipes are made of plastic rather than rubber which is not as durable and leads to many problems as I have found out. Thanks for your help :grin: and hope this is helpful to someone else.

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Was there any explanation offered why there were no diagnostic codes stored in the computer memory? B/c if the service engine light comes on, there should be codes, both active and pending. the only thing that would clear the codes a driver could do without a scan tool is to disconnect the battery. Did a battery disconnection happen? If not, I expect you still have a problem. Faulty Relays wouldn’t be a likely cause for the diagnostic codes to be erased. A faulty battery, battery, battery connections, or alternator might though.