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Engine Vent Control Valve

I own a 1998 Infinity I30 sedan. My engine light came on so I took the car to the dealership to see why it was on. I was told that I need a new enginer vent control valve. What are your thoughts?



Is the car ideling rough? is the engine making a “mooing” noise? These valves were a fairly common failure on V-8 BMW’s,not sure on Infinity

Just a WAG, but I think the OP was referring to one of the emission valves. The only engine valve is the PVC, which is a simple and cheap device. Others used on this car are the EGR valve, which is computer controlled on the model, and the evap purge valve. Both of these are a bit pricey, IMHO. Especially at the dealer.

Try taking this 10-year old car to an independent mechanic that specializes in Nissan or Japanese models. They may offer a less expensive solution.

BMW did use what they called a crankcase vent valve,a fairly large diaphram mounted in a plastic housing,this valve was mounted to the very back of the intake manifold,BMW’s cranckcase ventilation system was the type that if you did not have the dipstick fully inserted (causing a leak)the engine would idle rough,and the valves did Moo like a cow when ruptured.

Many car’s got towed in simply because the owner noticed rough running and the cause was a dipstick not fully inserted. You did not get paid to insert the dipstick fully.