Infiniti I30t weird problem

We own a 2000 I30t with about 125,000 miles on it. Took it to the mechanic because of a slow leak in the power steering. Mechanic said that the high pressure power steering hose was bad and replaced it. At the same time, he “power washed” the engine for us (NOT something we asked him to do) and we picked up the car. Next day, the car stalled at start-up and while idling at stoplights. Also, the engine light would flicker and then stay on. Or not come on at all. Intermittent problem. Took it back to the mechanic. He said we must have a new problem and wanted to do a tune-up. We took it to another mechanic who said that these models are very sensitive to airflow and replaced the air filter and air sensor. STILL have the same problem. Any suggestions? Thank you!

With the engine light comes codes stored in the car’s computer. Those codes are called “diagnostic trouble codes” b/c their job is to help diagnose trouble.

Did either mechanic scan the computer for codes? If not, don’t bother using either one of them again.

National chain-type auto parts stores often read these codes for free. Have that done, write down the exact codes (format: P0123) and post them here.

The “power wash” probably got the mass airflow sensor wet. They usually start failing in short order. Have it checked out.

Thank you for your replies!
Yes, both mechanics scanned for the codes. The second mechanic said that the airflow sensor might be bad and we had it replaced along with the air filter. We are still having the same problem. In addition to stalling,the engine light flickers, doesn’t come on at all or comes on with no discernible pattern.

I will go to the auto parts store tomorrow and see if they will scan for the diagnostic trouble codes.

Thank you again!

You still might want to skip these mechanics. DTCs cannot tell you that parts are bad, though it is incredibly common for people to replace parts as a response to codes. Codes tell you to test systems to locate the problem. In your case, for example, there may have been a code that referred to a malfunction having to do with a circuit for the airflow sensor. That could mean that the part is bad - but the first thing to do is check and test its circuit - i.e. its wiring and such. You could just have a loose or corroded connector pin on a plug.

In any case, if you manage to get some codes, don’t listen to what anyone tells you about which “parts” its about. Just post the exact codes and people can advise.

Check for any disconnected vacuum hoses and make sure the plug wires are connected well.