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Engine Stops on 1996 Honda Accord

Honda Dealer has not found out why the engine is killing while I am driving. The car restarts after a few tries, but this is very dangerous situation. New ingnition switch installed, and had no problems for one week. Any help would be appreciated!

The components which trigger the ignition spark are in the distributor. The question’s solution is to change the distributor with a rebuilt one. It comes with a warranty.

I’ve also heard that a flaky master relay can cause these problems in Hondas. With it being 12 years old, anything on this car is suspect. BTW, why are you still using the dealer? You may want to find a good independent mechanic, especially one that deals with Hondas. Electrical gremlins can be expensive to track down, and no need to spend extra on the dealer markup when you don’t have to.