Engine stops ~5seconds after I start car

I bought a 2006 Lexus 430sc 2wks ago with a service contract that the car dealership says will kick in 30 days after purchase date 3/30. Yesterday the issue start (11 days before service contract starts). Engine stops ~5seconds after I start car. Everything sounds great but the engine just stops. I’d appreciate any guidance - what may the issue be but also should I wait 11 days before addressing issue to have service contract kick in. It’s a high end bumper to bumper 3 year service contract.

I suspect it has to do with the security system. I’d try locking and unlocking the doors with the keyless entry fob three times and trying to start it again. If that doesn’t work, read the fine print on your service contract to see if security systems are covered. If they are, you can always park it for the next 11 days. If not you’ll have to pay for it anyway.

The reason for the 30 day delay in the start of the service contract is that the vehicle may be covered by another (no cost to you) warrantee for the first 30 days so I would not wait. Also check that you are not using the valet key.

The reason for the 30 delay is so that the insurance company that wrote the extended warranty policy will not have to fix pre-existing conditions on the car. This issue was probably present when the car was sold. It’s not like Obama Care where pre-existing conditions are supposed to be covered. Most extended warranties are worth as much as the paper they are printed on when it comes to collecting on a repair.