Lexus RX330 Diagnostic Test

Good morning folks,

I have a question…I bought a 2005 Lexus RX330 from Lexus of Watertown. 2 days later, I heard a weird ticking noise, humming, almost diesel like sound. I brought it in and was told that the car is fine, noise is normal for this car (don’t believe it), and that it is the ignition firing pressure (not sure what that means). So, I brought it to Herb Chambers lexus for a diagnostic test which I was told would only take the most 2 hours. Well, apparently, they said that they can only give me the car maybe on Monday; Maybe monday? What happened to 2 hours top? Well, I am a bit paranoid with all the run around…What could it be? is it possible to have a car being diagnosed for this long? I wonder if they got into a car accident with my car and they don’t wanna tell me. Please help!!!

On Monday, drop by the shop, and tell them that you have to retrieve something from your glove compartment or the center console. That should enable you to get into the shop area to view the vehicle.

While you are there, ask to speak with the Service Manager, and ask him/her the reason for the extended diagnostic time. Also ask him/her to explain the meaning of “ignition firing pressure”, then come back to educate all of us on this…unorthodox terminology. My guess is that you will be told that there is no such terminology as “ignition firing pressure”, despite that statement from the original dealership.

I doubt seriously if they got into an accident with it and are trying to withhold that information. I cannot imagine a shop doing that with a customer’s car. You cannot pick up a vehicle that’s just been to the body shop and not notice. It takes a few months for the paint to cure, and you would smell it.

I’m also guessing that if they’d found something they’d tell you. There’s no gain for them not to. My guess is that they got backed up in the shop and simply haven’t gotten to your car yet. I’m not making excuses for them, it should not have happened, and if it did they should have given you your car back for the weekend, but that’s my honest guess. Perhaps if you complain loudly you can get them to discount the repair cost.