Engine Starting Problem

I own a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee. For about the last six months I have had problems starting the vehicle. I turn the key on and it acts like it is going to start but doesn’t. When I release the key and try it again, it starts right away. I have had diagnostic testing on the vehicle and the mechanics state there is nothing wrong. I am the only owner on this car and I know how it starts. It has always started on the first go around without hesitation. This sounds weird but the first time this happened the car sort of burped and smelled like gas, this seemed to be the beginning of the problem. Although, it hasn’t done that since. It doesn’t matter whether the car is cold or hot. It may do it first thing, it may not do it until the third or fourth start up. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Shirley

Phoenix AZ

Does it do this every time? Next time you try to start it, turn the key to the ON postion, but not all the way to START. Count to 5 and then turn it off. Try to start it after that. Report back. I think that you might have a leaky injector that is allowing fuel pressure to drop while the vehicle is not running.

By “it acts like it’s going to start”…does that mean the engine is turning over? It’s possible that the gas in the fuel line is draining back to the gas tank, the pressure is dissipating, and the first attempt to start the engine simply gets the pressure back up such that the second attempt starts the motor.

Try simply turning the key to “on” rather than “start” for a few seconds, then to “start”. If the engine then starts immediately, that first turn is repressurizing the system. You then have two choices: replace the fuel pump (blah) or start using the two-step starting process. Doing so will not cause any other problems.

Post back with the results.

Beads posted at the same time I did. I just saw his post. Yeah, I agree, a leaky injector would also allow the system to depressurize.