97 Buick LaSabre - Cuts off while driving

My mother’s LaSabre has 64K miles on it and in the last 6 months it ocassionally cut off while driving. Just goes dead. Normally starts back up within a few minutes. Sometimes it just dies, sometimes in rattles a little then cuts off. It is only driven short distances.It doesn’t happen all the time, but we are afraid to drive it. We took car to 3 different mechanics (dealerships)and they all ran diagnostic tests and couldn’t find anything wrong. 4th mechanic changed fuel pump and it worked okay for one month. Starting to cut off again but his dealership has recently closed so we can’t take back to him. Car is driven less than 50 miles a week. What are they overlooking? Thank you.

The trouble does sound like it is fuel related. If the fuel pump relay hasn’t been changed yet I suggest you try that next.

Thanks! I did a search on this website and there were a number of posts regarding old Buick LaSabre. I think I’ve narrowed down to fuel pump relay, ignition module or crankshafte position sensor. Thanking everyone in advance for their answers.