2001 Mustang engine shuts down for no apparent reason, mystifying even the experts

I have a 2001 Mustang that occasionally shuts down during operation for no apparent reason. I’ve been trying to narrow it down to specific conditions, but cannot find any. It doesn’t specifically happen while accelerating, turning, entering a highway, going slow, fast or certain weather conditions. I’ve had the car tuned up, all of the wires and a cylinoid replaced. It occurs occasionally, maybe once every other week and has been going on for a couple of years. It’s driving me crazy. Anyone have a suggestion?

you’re loosing spark or fuel. you must determine which. pull a wire, check for spark. you mean solenoid? which one?

Yes, I do mean solenoid. This problem is beyond my mechanical capabilities, but I don’t believe it’s a fuel problem. When the engine shuts down all electrical systems go out as if I just shut off the engine with the key. It’s maddening, it even occurs while driving a a fair rate of speed on a long strait away.

when " all electrical systems go out " check conections at, and down line of battery (ground, et al).
do you, or previous owner hang a half pound of keys from the ignition? “as if I just shut off the engine with the key” could indicate ign. switch problem.

i was on my back lookin’ up, inspecting an under dash fusebox on a friends stubborn car.
Finding no fault there, i saw the fistfull of keys dangling over my neck, scooched out, removed the mass of metal from the ign. switch, separated the single applicable key from said “mass”, inserted it, rotated clockwise, and PRESTO!

That makes perfect sense. My daughter is doing most of the driving these days and in fact she does have a somewhat hefty key chain. We’ll try theh lone ignition key. Thank you. Jim