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Engine shut down mid acceleration

I have a 2013 Hyundai Sonata GLS and last night while driving the engine just shut off mid acceleration to pass. Car will not start now. Won’t take a jump and clicks like the alternator is hinky. Worked fine yesterday, all day. The oil was really low, I put 2 quarts in today, disconnected battery terminals and reconnected. Still NOTHING. Please, help.

See if the engine can be turned over at the crankshaft bolt.

If not, the engine is seized.


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Generally cars work fine until they break. Agree with Tester. Check battery charge, if bad suspect alternator. But if you can’t turn the engine over by hand with a wrench, gonna need some work done.

If the engine is seized, Hyundai is replacing engines under a warranty extension/recall without requiring previous maintenance documentation.